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What is JBI RAPID?

The JBI RAPID Assessment Protocol internet database (JBI RAPID) is an online training resource that provides a framework for critical appraisal of research papers using established data collection tools and offers the possibility of publishing the appraisal in the form of a refereed report in the RAP Library. RAPID has been designed to assist individual practitioners or students to acquire the skills of posing relevant questions about the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of an intervention or professional activity and to pursue this question through applying a series of basic steps in the critical appraisal process.

JBI suggest using RAPID in teaching and for journal clubs.

If you are a first time user of JBI RAPID, you will need to login with your organisation's JBI membership username and password. You may then create your individual profile with a unique username and password.

If you have already registered for RAPID, please use your own RAPID Username and Password.




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RAPID resources

RAPid Library
Reports from RAPid may be submitted to JBI for peer review and publication in the RAP library. Click here to access the RAP Library.